Amplify L8 Scooter 9.6ah 350W

With 25% bigger battery (345wh) and 20% more power (600w peak, 300w rated) than other scooters in the same price range, the L-8.5 is the perfect commute / park’n’ride Scooter.

The Amplify X8 is a compact, capable and dependable 8” e-scooter. Featuring a larger 9.6Ah battery which boosts its range to 50km, the X8 is an ideal partner for getting you around town, while being universally quick and easy to transport and deploy when needed. The integration of motor-braking is a smooth addition, and where paired with the mechanical disc brake and integrated lights, it offers supreme rider safety and experience, and is a great value package.

Motor Type Front Wheel Drive, Brushless DC
Max Speed 25kph
System Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity 9.6Ah
Max Distance 50km
Charging Time ~8h
Tyres Pneumatic 8″
Brakes Rear Wheel Disc Brake, Front Wheel Motor Brake
Max Rider Weight 100kg
Lights Front Headlight, Rear Visibility Light
Deck Width 145mm
Min. Deck Length 405mm
Clearance Height 85mm
Overall Length 1060mm
Handlebar Height (from deck) 960mm

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