Amplify L10 Scooter 10.4ah

Amplify’s X10 is ideal for taller riders who want more comfort for their daily commute. Featuring a rear-drive 250W brushless motor, the X10 offers smooth power and comfortable riding, also thanks to the larger 10” wheels. The X10’s larger 10.4Ah battery helps the scooter achieve a long range for a 10” e-scooter, up to 50km.

Specs & information

Motor Type Rear Wheel Drive, Brushless DC
Max Speed 25kph
System Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah
Max Distance 50km
Charging Time ~9h
Tyres Pneumatic 10″
Brakes Rear wheel Disc Brake
Max Rider Weight 100kg
Front Headlight, Rear Visibility Light
Deck Width 466mm
Min. Deck Length 484mm
Clearance Height 90mm
Overall Length 1110mm
Handlebar Height (from deck) 1030mm

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