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Electric Bikes Auckland | 28 Arrenway Drive, Auckland.

Electric Bikes Auckland is an Auckland Electric Bicycle specialty store carrying NZ’s widest range of electric bikes.  We have ebikes to suit every need…  from sport to city, men’s, women’s, folding, cruisers, commuters, ex demos, front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, mid-drive, you name it!

Our main brands are Pedego (USA) and Smartmotion (NZ design!). Pedego is now America’s leading ebike brand. It is hi-end, classic Californian cruiser design, all about style and comfort… and, of course, loads of power!! And available in vibrant colours… at last, ebikes that look good too! SmartMotion ebikes are designed in New Zealand for our tough local conditions. The only eBike safety certified to AS:NZ 1998 bicycle safety standards. The bikes use the same eDrive system Electric Bikes NZ ltd’s Anthony Clyde designed for the NZ Postie Bikes. Being the only NZ Importer that also designs at factory level means EBNZ’s SmartMotion bikes are incredible value, priced from just $1899, yet with great spec’s.

I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful bike. I have wanted an electric bike for ages but didn't know where to get one. I can't believe how wonderful they are. I am having so much fun on it and now that I have extra power am venturing much further afield knowing I can get back again and not be tired. With an electric engine I can go anywhere. It is so amazing how it gets up the hills, and I even leave the power on the flat sometimes to wiz along and have some fun! People always say what a cool bike and want to know all about it. I ride much more often now and it is hard to wait for fine days in winter. Thank you so much for your help and service. Chris you are so friendly and helpful. Thanks for letting me go out for ages testing it and even suggesting I try out a few hills first. Regards Carol
Mt Eden
I love my olive green pedego electric bike. I can get up hills that I wouldn’t even consider on a normal bike. I bike to work over a formerly impossibly steep hill and arrive without being all sweaty. People can't believe it when I cruise past them on the steepest part of the hill climb. Then I when I bike home I lower my assist level and get more of a work out on my way home. It’s great. I get so many comments on its colour and style. It is so comfortable to ride. I love the upright position. Thanks for all your help with this.
Kristy Robinson
My wife and I completed the rail trail in the South Island recently on our electric bikes. It was fantastic. We were able to enjoy our road trip and actually see the great scenery instead of being so focused on physically making it through the day as would have been the case on ordinary bikes. The rail trail was something that we would not have attempted with out assistance. The bikes were great to ride, very comfortable even on the longer ride days. Thanks so much for all your help. We look forward to our next big road trip. Cheers John Blair
J Blair
Thanks Chris and Anthony, I am very happy with my SmartMotion eUrban electric bike. I biked from Albany heights to all around Hobsonville Point via Greenhithe and return. 40km. Didn't even feel tired when I got back home At Hobsonville, I turned peoples heads when I would select assistance 5 and gear 4, and just gently start then quickly get to top electric speed. This bike really irons out the hills and I think was a good choice for me. I am glad of your shop, your service to me is appreciated. I cant wait to see more people riding these bikes. Regards from Stephen.
S Spooner
I am really enjoying my SmartMotion electric folding bike from Bute Bikes, it fits into our lives so well, folds very small to fit into our Motor Home & what's more I was able to buy a 12 volt charger so we can charge the bike battery from the cigarette lighter as we travel our beautiful country! I often get stopped on my bike journeys by people asking me about my bike, I have met so many people. The level of service from Bute Bikes was a ten out of ten! Why not give one a trial and see how much you can enjoy it. Yours in biking Jean Whiting.
J Whiting
I never quite ‘got’ the e-bike thing, why would you want a motor on a bicycle? For someone traveling long distances or hauling heavy cargo maybe, but bikes are so easy to ride anyway, even on Auckland’s hills. As an old-skool cyclist I thought using a motor was just plain cheating. It is, isn’t it? It took one ride on the orange cruiser above for me to ‘get it’, in fact by the time I had climbed that first hill out of Browns Bay (where I picked-up the bike) I was ‘getting it’ big-time. The next couple of hours were a bit of a revelation to me, not just the appeal of electric-assistance but also the charms of a ‘sit-up-and-beg’ riding position... Click Here for the full review, including great pics.
Bike Friendly NorthShore
I had the honour of riding the Orange Pedego on Saturday in the Browns Bay Christmas Parade, wow what a bike so much fun to ride. Even with a 3m banner tied to the seatpost (it was windy )the bike was solid and sure footed on the road, I forgot I had the Bike shop banner on the bike as I laid it over doing figure 8 turns on the main street in Browns Bay. The bike handled like a dream. Now I have riden an Electric Bike I no longer think of them as the Dark Side of cycling. There is a need for this kind of transport in NZ and its so much Fun, I think if more people commuted on electric bikes they would get to work with a big smile on their faces and thats got to be a good start to the day. Thanks to the guys at Bute Bikes for trusting me with their orange cruiser! We had 5 e bikes in the Parade, 3 cruisers and 2 tandems. I'm sure we got some interest going about electric bikes. 🙂
Marty ('Crash')
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